Based on tremendous client demands to be expanding our current campaigns, growing into new markets, and taking on new clients in emerging industries, we are currently putting a huge focus on hiring and developing talented individuals within our Leadership Development Program. Our future growth as an organization is entirely dependent on our ability to grow and develop our people.

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Leadership Development Program.


"I came into the company with zero sales experience and the desire to learn. They have such a great onboarding and training program where you meet every morning to train and practice with some of the best sales people in the company, as well as give you a playbook to guide you in targeting the right customers and how to do it. People pay thousands of dollars for this kind of training. I grew so much from it and stepped outside of my comfort zone to really learn how to effectively sell. Also, very flexible daily schedule. You make it your own." -Sara


What does The So Cal Group do?

We are outsourced by major clients to increase their market share through the acquisition of small to medium-size business customers on their behalf. We meet directly with these customers, and through face to face, relationship-oriented sales, are able to consult their business needs while increasing our clients' customer base.

Why would a major client come to The So Cal Group for their sales and marketing?

Fortune 500 clients have many options when it comes to marketing. Radio, television, billboards, print, Internet advertising, direct mail, telemarketing, etc., have played significant roles in their marketing strategies over the past decade. All of these means, however, have also become more costly and less effective, as business consumers have become more and more inundated with traditional media. Our strength lies in our ability to meet directly with these business customers and provide an extremely friendly, professional, and results-driven presentation on our clients' behalf.

How do I know that direct marketing would work for my company?

We have dramatically increased the market share and revenue of every client we have worked with.  We have represented companies in a diverse range of industries, and have proven our ability to deliver results in everyone. We are also a zero risk strategy, as we do not charge our clients if we do not meet mutual expectations.

What separates us from our competition?​

Our people are our secret. We only recruit highly professional, highly motivated, and highly talented individuals to represent our clients. The acquisition of quality customers through direct sales is a by-product of our intensive focus on leadership development.

How has the current economic crisis affected The So Cal Group?​

​Because the clients we represent have all been the leaders in their respective industries for decades, and all provide services that are indispensable to small businesses, our ability to consistently distribute such services to the market has made us extremely stable and in constant demand. Small businesses are always looking to cut costs and become more efficient, and our major clients are always looking to attract more new business. Hence the nearly 400% growth in the outsourced sales and marketing industry in the past decade.