The Southern California Group takes pride in professional excellence and works with alumni from these academically excellent universities:

  • Pennsylvania State University

  • California State University, Long Beach

  • Claremont McKenna College

  • Fresno State University

  • University of Arizona

  • University of California, Santa Barbara 

  • Michigan State University

  • University of Southern California

  • Cal State University, Northridge 

  • San Francisco State University

  • Cal Poly San Luis Obispo 

  • University of California, Irvine

  • University of Redlands

  • San Diego State University

  • California Baptist University

  • Stanford University

  • California State University, Fullerton

  • University of Oregon


Born and raised on Bainbridge Island, Wash., Tedford moved from the Northwest to Southern California to attend Claremont McKenna College, where he earned his B.A. in International Government and Business Management while playing football and lacrosse for the school.

After graduating, Tedford headed to Alaska to brave the seas as a commercial fisherman in search of adventure and gain. After many stories, and valuable lessons learned, he returned to Los Angeles to dive into the business world.

In Los Angeles, Tedford took an entry-level outside sales position at a nationally recognized firm to learn the industry of outsourced sales and marketing from the ground up. With initial aims to simply gain experience, Tedford found the fast-paced, social, competitive, performance based, and leadership oriented nature of the industry to be a good fit for his background and personality.

Tedford gained further experience while working with another start-up marketing firm before opening The So Cal Group in Corona, Calif. in September of 2008. Within its first year, the initial leadership team of eight expanded to 50  employees, and increased revenue by 400%. The company has opened new markets in Salt Lake City, San Francisco, Concord, Los Angeles, Burbank and again in Orange County, and has taken on new clients as well. The company has plans to expand into twelve markets by 2024.

Tedford's goals over the next two years are to establish The So Cal Group's presence in all major West Coast markets, before taking the company international into London, Spain, Paris and the rest of the Western European markets. His passion remains tied to social entrepreneurship, as he looks to build self-sustaining non-profit organizations in years to come.


A Southern California native, Braden spent his childhood and teen years living in Los Angeles’ San Fernando Valley. Throughout his life he was heavily involved in sports and enjoyed competing against his peers and older siblings. Although most of his younger years were spent on the baseball diamond, he became an active participant in other athletics including basketball, hockey, golf, water polo, cross country, and lacrosse where he developed a strong foundation for teamwork and leadership.


After high school, Braden attended college at San Francisco City College where he received an Associates Degree in Fire Science Technology, and San Francisco State University where he received a Bachelors Degree in Business Marketing. Following his graduation from SFSU in the Spring of 2012, Braden moved back to Southern California to get closer to his roots and pursue a career in business.


Shortly after, Braden interviewed with The So Cal Group where he enjoyed both the team oriented atmosphere, and being surrounded by other young, motivated entrepreneurs. The exponential growth opportunities have motivated him to become a student of business, developing both himself and those he has the privilege of working with.


Away from the office, Braden enjoys spending as much time as possible outdoors- pursuing his love for nature, from surfing to backpacking and pretty much everything between.


Zac Smith was born and raised in “the best city on the planet,” San Diego.  He attended La Jolla High School where he played baseball throughout his schooling.


Afterward, Zac attended the University of Arizona. Originally he studied Civil Engineering and later he switched to Economics as he felt it gave him a better foundation for business.


After his graduation from college, Zac started with The So Cal Group to gain sales experience and build his professional resume. But he quickly fell in love with the fact that everybody in the company starts out at the same position and must earn their promotions through hard work and results, not favoritism or tenure. He is excited for the next steps in his career, taking on more of a leadership role and spearheading new market expansion.


Outside of work, Zac enjoys going to the beach as well as exploring the limitless things to do in Los Angeles.  Growing up, he spent every summer in Cape Cod, Massachusetts at the campground his grandparents owned. They sold it in 2008, after being in the family for 81 years. Zac and his cousins have a long term goal to buy back the campground and bring it back to the family.


David was born in the proud town of Kwangju in South Korea. At the age, of five his family immigrated to the United States in search of the American dream. David's parents always emphasized the importance of education first, and just like many Korean parents made him play the violin and study hard. However, David was always attracted to sports, people and experiencing life.


As a child, David moved a lot due to his father's schooling and career. He has lived in Michigan, North and South Carolina, Tennessee, Washington and of course, California. Following his father's wishes, David attended his alma-matter, Andrews University, a small private Christian college. There, he studied religion, neuroscience, and pre-dental studies. Religion and the human mind intrigued him but looking into people's mouths did not. After graduation David decided to teach English to students in Korea. That experience inspired him to start a tutoring business of his own. He soon realized he would need a lot more business experience in order to run a successful company of his own.

Soon he was introduced to the sales and marketing field. He quickly learned to love the industry because of its people oriented nature, and the constant challenge to adapt to new environments and circumstances. Being engulfed in a fast-paced, competitive environment, David thrived. He learned the value of the hard earned dollar and how sales were involved in so many aspects of the business world. Over time he learned to manage people, his priorities and his time. Most importantly David learned to coach and develop others to achieve their highest potential. He is driven by the opportunity to coach others and is motivated seeing their development and success.

David's plans in the future include getting a foothold in West Coast markets, particularly the Northwest, where he enjoys the fresh air and greenery year round. In his free time, David's hobbies include basketball, snowboarding and dancing. Although this part may be hearsay, he has been known to break some ankles, shred through five feet of powder, and slay many on the dance floor.


Shannon McMahon grew up in the Newport Beach area of Orange County, California. Shannon's work experience began in the telecommunications and commercial printing/advertising industries. She developed skills in sales, human resources, customer relations, administration, and accounting.

Shannon gained a lot of valuable experience in her previous positions and wanted to transition that experience into a career wherein she could be challenged and could enjoy a positive work environment.

She found The So Cal Group and was excited about the company's Leadership Development Program and the opportunity for growth within the company. Through the Leadership Development Program, Shannon has expanded her goals and developed her skill sets even further. She loves the positive environment of The So Cal Group and the fact that she has such a supportive team. She was able to hit the ground running and moved into a leadership role within her first two months with the company.


Outside of work, Shannon enjoys spending time with family and close friends. She loves being outdoors and activities such as going to the beach, hiking, and cornhusker football.